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Virtual Therapy Services

Personalized, Individual Treatment

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Clinical Supervision


RPs or RP(Q)s who are looking for a supervisor, Danielle is available to provide compassionate direction when managing a complex caseload. Danielle specializes in PTSD and grief, within various populations. She can provide direction and connection. She is the business owner and also can offer information about starting and growing your business. Video or Telephone sessions offered.

Supervision for CBT, IFS, Somatic modalities, and eclectic approaches. CPT consultation offered as well.

50 minutes

Offered for Individual or Groups of 2-3

Summaries provided

Professional development assignments optional

Individual Therapy


Therapy can lead to a more fulfilled life, with less anxiety and depression. It also can mean processing your loss(es) and PTSD. You will learn how to manage your symptoms on your own and begin to feel empowered to overcome your symptoms. Individualized services for youth, teens and adults starts here. Video or Telephone sessions offered.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or

Informed Internal Family Systems Therapy

50 minutes

Ages 18+

Services: Services

C-PTSD Fall 2024 Group

A safe place to land, together

This group is for clients who have completed at least three months of therapy (any treatment).

Group therapy sessions are one hour.

Group will begin the first week of September and conclude the last week of October. Group details will be provided at a later date.

Clients are welcome to email their questions to for more information.

Spots are limited to five to six members.

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Office with a View

What to Expect

Get to know the process

Step One:

When you are ready to book an appointment, you will either book on the website or contact your therapist for a free consultation. The consultation serves to connect you to your therapist and determine if the therapist is a good fit for your needs. 

Step Two:

After your consultation and it is mutually agreed to continue treatment, your first few sessions with your therapist will be working on setting your goals for therapy and getting to know each other.

Step Three:

Be open for change and enjoy your therapy. Self-reflection can be daunting and heavy. Your therapist will guide you each step of the way and support your needs. 

Not sure what type of treatment you'd like to receive? Feel free to contact and schedule a free consultation.

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